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Individual Consultation                                      

All interactions with our office begin with a first meeting (in person or by phone) where we discuss concerns and clarify interests, issues and options through consultation or conflict coaching. Conflict coaching is a one-on-one service that can assist you to understand conflict and develop appropriate interaction strategies and interaction skills.

Two or Multiple-party Mediation

Mediation is a process in which two or more individuals who are part of the UC Merced community voluntarily come together with an impartial third‐party to resolve a conflict or dispute, or to reach an understanding or agreement.  The purpose of mediation is to give the parties involved an opportunity to reach a greater understanding of the underlying issues and work toward a resolution.

Our services are provided by trained, impartial mediators. Mediation is voluntary: all parties must agree to participate in mediation.  For more information on mediation link to Mediation.

Group Facilitation

We provide group facilitation for departments, units, or teams experiencing conflict. We offer a variety of tools to address issues, identify styles, build trust, communicate better, collaborate, resolve conflict, or promote team building for a group or department. This is a voluntary, informal process to assist groups to move to resolution.

3Practice Circle

An opportunity for our campus community to share experiences, insights and reflections on a variety of topics, practice listening in the moment, and asking questions for better understanding. Through this practice of dialoguing, we will promote community engagement and expanding curiosity, which will foster learning and growth. This process can be done invidually through offerings made available throughout the year or tailored to be conducted with an existing group, team, unit, or student organization. 

Training and Professional Development

We provide trainings tailored to requests, including skills building on communication, conflict management, and team cohesion.  Learn more about our professional development offerings and recommended training modules.