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A Safe and Confidential Space to Talk



 Please call (209) 228-4410 to schedule an appointment.

Ombuds services are provided via phone, video chat, or in-person.



Feedback We Heard


"I was impressed by the Ombuds' ability to actively listen and provide a means for me to share thoughts and concerns and help put them in perspective." - UCM Employee



"Talking through my situation was extremely helpful for me. The Ombuds was an exceptional listener and provided much needed advice." - UCM Employee




About Us

The Office of the Ombuds is a safe confidential and informal place where UC Merced community members can go for informal assistance with managing conflict, complaints, and concerns with a colleague, classmate, supervisor or anyone else on campus. The Ombuds will listen; help identify options; make inquiries and make referrals as appropriate; and/or facilitate resolutions in an impartial manner.


Use of our office is always voluntary. We operate and adhere to the ethical principles of confidentiality, impartiality, informality and independence and standard of practice under the International Ombuds Association (IOA). The Office of the Ombuds supplements and does not replace or substitute formal grievance processes made available by the University.  


Are you considering a visit to the Office of the Ombuds, and want to know more about how our services work? We have created a flowchart to help ease any concerns you may have about our process. Every visitor's situation is different, and no two cases are exactly alike, however, the flowchart is a general understanding of our process. To view our flowchart visit the Appointments page.


Communications to the Ombuds do not put the University on notice of the content of the communication. 


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