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Resources for Challenging Times

Our office is a safe and confidential space for campus community members to discuss interpersonal conflict, concerns, and issues.  We can provide an impartial perspective and can help you develop options and strategies, so you choose your path to resolution. Call 209-228-4410 for an appointment.  We are here to help. 

Getting Started:

How to actually work when you’re working from home

15 Questions about Remote Work, Answered

A Guide for (working at home) parents

Parenting During COVID-19

5 Tips to Balance Remote Working While Your Family Is Also At Home

What Psychological Safety Looks Like In A Hybrid Workplace

For Employees/Co-Workers:

15 Ways to Stop Manager Micromanagers

10 High EQ Ways to Check in on a Struggling Co-worker

Managing Up:How To Lead When You're Not The Boss

The Delicate Art Of Managing Both Your Boss And Your Employees

How To Manage Your Relationship With Your Boss More Intentionally And Impactfully For Your Career Progress

For Supervisors/Managers:

16 tips for managing remote teams

Managing People from a Distance

A guide to managing your (Newly) Remote Workers

Virtual Meetings – LinIN Learning - Kevin Eikenberry

Signs that you are a Micromanager

Difficult Conversations, Virtually

Featured resources (more on Self-Help page):

Email Civility- Office of the Ombuds, UC Merced

Manage Your Well-Being:

That Discomfort Your Feeling is Grief

Want to Be Happy? Be Grateful

Managing anxiety about coronavirus

Stay Calm – Self Awareness and Meditation during difficult times

Center for Mindfulness - UCSD